Terms & Conditions

In order to play any of the Club/Society fundraising lotteries listed on the site, all players must be at least 18 years of age.

Please be advised that locallotto.ie is a lottery ticket buying service. All of the Clubs and Societies listed here are legally registered Fundraising Organisations who raise funds by running a local lottery.

Please note that the cost of entering any of the fundraising lotteries listed is non-refundable from locallotto.ie.

The contract of sale is at all times between you (the purchaser) and the Club/Society (the seller) who organises and runs the lottery for whom you have bought a ticket.

A refund can be sought from individual Clubs and Societies under the following exceptional circumstances:

  • A Club or Society is no longer listing its lottery draws on locallotto.ie.
  • The Club or Society has ceased operating its local lottery.

You also agree that you are not contravening any laws governing your locality by entering any of the local fundraising lotteries listed on this website.

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